Providing Passenger Handling Solutions for the Airline Transportation Industry

Unimark develops customized and cost savings technology systems worldwide.

With over four decades of experience we offer our clients superior hardware & software design along with responsive engineering & installation services and support. Our solutions consist of printers for ticketing, bag tag, boarding passes and secure ticket trolleys.  Unimark is recognized for quality products, and is considered the Premier Printer in the airline business and best in class from a total costs of ownership.

Our solutions are engineered to minimize out of service printers and maintain the use of the asset, the printer to the airline. Unimark is now providing our new advanced RFID Bag Tag solution for the airline industry. This printer is quickly becoming recognized for it’s foresight in preparing for the next generation of technology, RFID, that airlines and airports are adopting to maintain competitiveness and reduce costs.

BP 70

Boarding Pass printer

BT 700

Bag Tag Kiosk Printer

ET 7000

RFID Bag Tag & Boarding Pass Printer

U 4000

Secure Metal Trolley for Product Security

Solutions with Integrity